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Cougars Finish their Season

Cougars Finish their Season

February 16th 2019 – Sault Cougars vs St. Clair Saints

On February 16th the Sault Cougars took to the court to face the St. Clair Saints in their final games of the season. Before these games the Cougars honored 5 of the Cougars who will be moving on from the program, those included; #2 Mackenzie Mazzuca, #4 Autumn Hay-Beharriell, #5 Mercedes Ryan, #8 Alexandra Cooper, #10 Natalie Isaacs. The girls started off slow and let St. Clair go on an 18 -2 run, creating a large mountain for the women to climb. Both teams were very consist in the first half scoring an equal amount of points each quarter, giving the Saints a 45 – 24 lead at halftime. In the second half both teams continued their consistence which after 40 minutes of play say the Saints win the game with a score of 86 – 44.

The following day saw the Cougars and Saints battle it out again, this time the girls were playing tough against the Saints were it was a back and forth match for the first four minutes of the game. After a time out called by the Saints the Cougars lost their momentum which saw the Saints soar ahead of the Cougars. Despite the girls efforts they were unable to regain their momentum which lead to the Cougars being defeated by a score of 76 – 48.

We would like to thank all of the women's basketball team for their effort and dedication throughout the entire 2018-2019 season.