Travel Liability Release Form

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This waiver must be completed whenever any individual, other than staff, travels by way of their own vehicle to a Varsity or Extra-mural event. Requests to use a personal vehicle must be made in advance at the Athletic Department and approved by the Athletics Manager or Athletics Officer. A maximum of 1 person will be approved to accompany the driver and that individual must also make his/her request in writing on this form.

The Athletic Department has taken measures to provide for transportation means, which are safe and reliable for athletes. For this reason, it is understood that only in extenuating circumstances will a request to use a personal vehicle be approved.

In making this request, I hereby release the Sault College of Applied Arts & Technology (Sault College), its Board of Governors, Officers, Servants, and Agents; and the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) from any liability associated with travelling by personal vehicle.

I further acknowledge that I have read the above release and understand that I am relinquishing any and all rights that I, or any of my dependents, or my heirs, executors, or administrators might have against Sault College for any loss, damage, injury, or expense suffered by me in connection with travel by personl vehicle to this event. I sign it freely and voluntarily without any inducement.

I understand that I am bound to follow the same rules and code of behaviour as if I were travelling with the team.

Have you requested permission from your Head Coach not to use the transportation provided and be absent from the team? *
Travelling *
I will be traveling on my own *
ex. parents taking me out for dinner
I am 18 years of age. (If you are under the age of majority (18 years of age) then parental consent is required) *

I hereby release Sault College, its Board of Governors, Agents, Officers and Employees including Coaches from any liability with respect to any damage or injury that I may suffer as a result of my decision to depart from the team in the manner listed above.

I accept responsibility for my decision and actions absolving Sault College from any responsibility from the time I leave the team.

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